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AWS Sempra offers a practical, cost-efficient, and comprehensive package that helps maintain a sterile environment.

The system combines flat PVC panels, produced by AWS for nearly 30 years, with color-matched welding rods for a seamless finish. Covering large areas is made easy with AWS SEMPRA. Its impact and chemical resistance make it ideal for use in hospitals, sterile environments, clean rooms, pharmaceutical facilities, laboratories, clinics, and more.

AWS SEMPRA System ensures many years of service that will not be affected by frequent cleaning, simplifying maintenance, and enhancing long-term aesthetics.

In clinical testing, the AWS SEMPRA Paneling System destroyed 99.99% of bacteria and mold exposed to it over a 24 hour period.

Clean Room Solutions

SEMPRA Hygienic Panel

  • Always Class A / I
  • Can be applied directly to stud
  • Can be applied directly to any surface
  • Virtually seamless once assembled
  • UV protected to slow down color fading over time
  • Zero grime-harboring cracks or crevasses
  • Tough: scratch, dent, and chemical resistance
  • Meets strict JIS Z 2801 / ISO 22196 standards


Always Class A / I

AWS SEMPRA is self-extinguishing and complies with the most demanding international fire resistance standards defined in the field of plastics, as shown in the attached table.

Panel Specs

  • Applies direct to studs.
  • The surface panel has a silver ion infused proprietary blend distributed to the core of the panel, providing equally effective antimicrobial resistance for scratched or damaged surfaces.
  • Kills or inhibits the growth of a wide variety of pathogens on contact, including MRSA, VRE, Mold, and Fungi. 
  • High–impact resistant surface products from scratches, dents, and harsh chemicals.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Tested to JIS Z 2810/ISO 22196 Standards.
  • Always Class A / I fire rating.
  • Certified lead free.
  • 20-year limited warranty.
  • Accessories: Adhesive and sealants, covers and moldings, doors, and hatches. (Sealable access panels, covers, and other passthrough accessories available on request.)

Non-HYG Version Available

For a cost-effective solution to a room that does not require an antimicrobial finish but all the other benefits of AWS Sempra, we have the right solution for you. AWS Sempra provides an easy to clean monolithic look without the antimicrobial properties for rooms or areas that flow into cleanroom environments. Helps complete “the look” and is often used in walkways, lead chambers, and other areas. Has the wall protection properties and easy installation direct to stud.


Sempra Colors

Microbe Elimination on Sample Sheets 

JIS Z 2801/ISO 22196 standard was selected as the test procedure. Prior to testing, all the tested samples were cut to 50 x 50mm pieces and soaked for 1 minute in 70% ethanol, which was then dried in an oven at 45°C for 4 hours. The samples of the tested materials were inoculated with 0.1ml of microorganism culture and covered with a film/glass cover to prevent evaporation. The samples were then incubated at 29°C to 37°C according to the microbe’s preferred growing conditions. Viable organisms were recovered by steeping the tested sample in a phosphate buffer and then serially diluting the fluid. Four separate identical samples of 0.1ml of each concentration were then dispersed on Petri dishes containing Nutrient Agar matched to the type of bacteria, then incubated for 24/48 hours at 29°C to 37°C. Colonies were then counted and the concentration was calculated, the result reported is the average. A control (no antimicrobial additive) was run for each microorganism tested (included are some of the different strains of bacteria and Fungi tested). 


The results show that AWS SEMPRA panels demonstrate high antimicrobial activity. The use of AWS SEMPRA along with an adequate cleaning regime would significantly reduce microbial and dangerous pathogen growth.

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Lineage Pro by AWS (1)

Complete Your Clean Room With The

SEMPRA Ceiling Panel

The SEMPRA Ceiling Panel is a 5.5mm lay-in ceiling tile that fits into the Armstrong grid system. The tiles have been created for a system that meets an approved cleanroom grid system with a gasket lay-in ceiling tile and lockdown clips that create a perfect cleanroom ceiling solution.

It's all the benefits of the antimicrobial properties as shown in the design of the SEMPRA panel combined with a system designed to seal a room with a ceiling panel that seals the room but still allows for access to those all-important behind the ceiling systems like electrical, plumbing, and HVAC that occasionally require maintenance.  The simple lockdown clips can be unlocked to allow maintenance staff access.

Our estimators have years of experience in consulting with you for designing your needs.  All systems are designed to meet your specific needs and we have access to licensed and trained installers who can assist you in creating your cleanroom needs.


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